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Download from Shared Google Drive folder on iPhone without Google Drive App

This tutorial demonstrates the process to download pictures from a shared Google Drive folder on an iPhone without the Google Drive app installed. I recommend installing the Google Drive mobile app, but you can also download pictures from Safari/Chrome.

In this tutorial, “Click” (as in “Click a picture”) refers to just pressing the screen, not holding down.

1. Once you click the link to the shared folder, it will open the folder in Safari. My folder is titled “Example folder”, but yours might say “Senior Pictures” or something similar.

2. The folder should open in Safari, and you should see thumbnails of all the pictures in the folder. Click a picture to view it full screen.

3. Click the picture that you want to save.

4. The picture should be open with nothing else on the page. Press and hold on the picture until a list appears at the bottom of the screen.

5. Select “Save image” to save it to your phone.

6. Click the back arrow at the bottom left to return to the other pictures.


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