People:  Portraits, friends, and family

Senior Pictures

Caitlin Barkley

Caitlin Barkley Clemson (3).jpg

Caitie O'Donnell

Caitie ODonnell Clemson ECE Senior (3).j

Mary Mell

IMG_6585 JT LR.jpg

Danielle Frederich

Danielle Frederich Clemson (1).jpg

Ericka and Tabitha

Ericka Steele Tabitha Wilcox Clemson.jpg

Adam Luthman

Adam Lufthman Clemson (8).jpg

Mary Temple

Mary Temple Clemson (15).jpg

Lindsey and Madison

Madison Frost Lindsey Foster Clemson Sen

Rachel, Sarah, Harold

IMG_7556 JT LR.jpg

Evan McDow

Evan McDow Clemson 2019 (7).jpg

Maegan Thompson

Maegan Thompson Clemson (10).jpg

Megan and  Katie

Megan Sease Katie Cellucci Clemson (25).

Demetria Middleton

Demetria Clemson Graduation Senior (2).j

Justice Murray

Justice Murray Clemson (2).jpg

Caroline Bales

Caroline Bales Clemson (2).jpg

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor Clemson (5).jpg

Emily Burns

Emily Burns Clemson Senior (11).jpg

Emily Huffer

Emily Huffer (4).jpg

Darian Thomas

Darian Celeste Thomas Clemson (14).jpg

Karina & Sarah

Karina Hutula Sarah Lowum (1).jpg

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