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Light Painting with Fire - Overview

This tutorial has multiple steps on separate pages.  Use these buttons to navigate the tutorial.

I wanted to safely take pictures using a lot of fire, and I couldn't find a single concise tutorial about how to do it.  Two years later, I think I can write my own tutorial about it!  This 4-part tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know about taking pictures like the ones on this page.  I have done three of these fire photo-shoots so far without anyone getting injured.  It's completely possible to take these pictures safely if you prepare well.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

General Process

For those who don't like reading, just look at the pictures

Fire photography light painting items needed

First you'll need to get some Kevlar fire wick and attach it to a stick/rod/pole.  That way it can be away from your body enough to use.  Preferably the pole wouldn't be flammable.  Then soak it in Coleman's fuel and light it on fire, and you've got your flames.

Fire photography light painting tutorial

Next you open the camera shutter (start a long exposure picture), walk around the subject/car with your flaming stick, and then put out the fire with a soaked towel.  Stop the camera at some point.  

Fire photography light painting walkthrough

Combine multiple pictures in Photoshop to have more fire in one picture.

That's a very basic overview of the process of making these pictures.  To read more about it, click the Next button or select one of the pages on the menu below.

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