Photography Tutorials

Star trail night sky photo stack
Star Trail pictures
May 27, 2017
Learn how to take pictures showing star trails, and combine 200 boring pictures into one exciting photo. 
Star trail night sky photo stack
Star Trail Timelapse Video
May 29, 2017
Learn how to create a long-exposure simulation in a timelapse using Adobe After Effects.
Steel Wool pictures
Coming soon!
Learn how to safely take long-exposure pictures using Steel Wool to make sparks and light trails.
Powder Dance Flash Pictures
Coming soon!
Dramatic dance photos using flash and powder (flour).
Star trail night sky photo stack
Light Painting with Fire
June 12, 2017
Learn how to safely create long-exposure pictures using real fire and minimal Photoshop.  4-part tutorial
Fast Workflow (on Windows)
Coming soon!
I have a post-processing workflow that I have optimized for speed as much as possible.  I'd like to share it and hopefully save someone some time.
Sports Photography
January 2019
These blog posts walk you through shooting sports at Clemson - where you can put your bag, where you're allowed to go, and recommended settings.

School Tutorials

Pinout Diagram.PNG
Microcontrollers Lab ECE 3720
Fall 2018
An in-depth tutorial on everything covered in Clemson University's Microcontrollers Lab (ECE 3720)

Request a tutorial

Have a tutorial of a type of picture that I've taken that you don't see here?  Comment to request it!

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