Towers of Hanoi - Senior Design 1 Project



There is a course at Clemson every electrical engineering major must take before graduating called Senior Design 1 (and 2).  When I took senior design 1 our group of 5 students was assigned the project Tower of Hanoi.  The traditional Tower of Hanoi game is a mathematical puzzle that consists of a stack of disks and three towers or rods to stack the disks on.  The goal of the game is to transfer the stack of rings from one tower to another to the same configuration as it started.  Wikipedia has a great description of the rules:  

Only one disk can be moved at a time.
Each move consists of taking the upper disk from one of the stacks and placing it on top of another stack or on an empty rod.
No larger disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.

We had to make an autonomous system that could finish this game with a stack of 5 rings. 

Our final project could finish the game in 1 minute 37 seconds, which is about 3 seconds per move.  Our project was the fastest project out of all 10 teams on the tower of hanoi project, with the second fastest team being 3 minutes 38 seconds and the average time of all the teams being around 7 minutes.  

Parts list


Design and Laser Cutting


Laser etching the inside lines

Painting... and more painting... and painting again... forever... please help me



Light modules to backlight the acrylic








Jacob Thompson


Clemson, SC

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