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May 2021 Update: I'm retiring from photography / videography. 


I need to focus on my graduate research, and once I graduate in December 2021 with my Masters degree I might not be in the Clemson area any more.  Thank you for visiting my site, and if you're looking for a graduation photographer congratulations on your achievements so far!

Senior photoshoot individual (2 hours)

Taking senior pictures all around campus typically takes 1.5-2 hours.  Siblings or friends or pets can be involved.  I typically give ~60 photos per person.  

Senior photoshoot with 2-3 people

Get a discount for bringing a friend!  I take plenty of individual pictures of each person and also plenty together.  

Club photo session

~45 minutes.  Group pictures for a club or other organization.  I can take individual head shots for <30 people, full team pictures, and everything in between.  




Services Offered

I have four years of experience taking senior pictures for graduating Clemson students.  The full process is detailed on my senior pictures page.

Senior Pictures


Video recording service for events such as pageants, dance recitals, and other performances or productions.  I will set up my camera on a tripod in the back  and pan/zoom as necessary for the event.  I can print a custom design on the top of DVDs for you, or I can share the final video through email addresses to people that buy it.  

The cost of this will depend on the length of the event and how many DVDs you need (custom printed or not), but for a 2 hour event and 50 custom printed DVDs I typically charge $300. 

Event Video + Custom DVDs

Is your kid and his/her friends in a soccer game you'd like pictures of?  Is your club sport hosting a tournament?  I can take pictures at it!

I'll take pictures for 1-3 games of all the players on the team (or just your person if that's all you want) and within 1-2 weeks I'll send back 100ish digital images.  The price depends on the location and duration of the event but I typically charge $100 for this.

Sports Photography

I'll show up and take pictures at almost any kind of event - awards banquet, interview workshop, girl scout cookie fair, food summit, you name it. 


I'll take pictures for 1-2 hours of the event focusing on people's emotions and reactions and the general atmosphere of the event.  I'll return pictures within 1-2 weeks and you'll receive 50-100 digital files. 


The price varies depending on the time/location/duration of the event but I generally charge around $100. 

Event Photography

Frequently asked questions

How quickly will I get the pictures back?

Typically within a week, sometimes just 1-2 days but other times it might take the full 5-7 days. Classes and school is my priority, so depending on when I have tests and other homework due it might take shorter or longer.

Payment method?

I'm pretty flexible with payment - you can pay with Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check. It usually works best to pay at the time of the event either before or after it, but I'm also fairly flexible on that. I don't start editing the pictures until I'm paid so if you wait a week to pay me then there will be a delay on when you receive the pictures.

Can I purchase prints?

The site that I use to share the finished images with you has print purchasing built in. Through the site you can purchase standard prints, canvas prints, and more exotic things like prints on a coffee mug or pillow. Alternately, since I provide the digital files you can buy your prints through Shutterfly/Walmart/CVS etc.

What if I want pictures of something that isn't on this list?

As long as I think I'll be able to do a decent job I'll be happy to take pictures at almost anything. If it isn't on this list then go ahead and ask me - I'll be honest with you and if I don't think I can do it I'll let you know and maybe point you to a photographer that can do better.

What about car photography?

I could take pictures of your car and they would turn out okay, but my friend Alex Stewart is a phenonominal car photographer. Contact him, he's way better than me, and I have a feeling he'll be a real professional automotive photographer in a few years so get him to take your pictures wile you still can! https://www.alexstewart.photography/ - dstewa4@g.clemson.edu

You're too expensive, who else can take pictures around Clemson?

I try to keep my prices reasonable, but everyone has different expectations for photography. Here are some other photographers with varying levels of experience that you can contact to take pictures. I know most of them through Clemson's photography club. (Note - some of these people are more experienced+skilled than I am and will have a price to match) Melina Alberti - melinaa@g.clemson.edu Lucas Downs - ldowns@g.clemson.edu Allie Glavey - aglavey@g.clemson.edu Daniel Brandalise - dbranda@g.clemson.edu Amanda Walker – abwalke@g.clemson.edu -Portraits, events, etc Stephen Borthayre –sbortha@g.clemson.edu - sports, wildlife, etc Brette E. Carey – brettec@g.clemson.edu Amanda Tuten ­– amtuten@g.clemson.edu - portrait, event, etc Alex Stewart – dstewa4@g.clemson.edu - car photography, portraits, etc Christine Scott Gow - clscott@clemson.edu - Portraits, wedding Marc McCrary - mccrar7@g.clemson.edu - everything Kara Rhodes- krhode2@g.clemson.edu - outdoor, couples, family Ethan Hajas- ehajas@g.clemson.edu - Senior, outdoor, sports, events MackKenzie Slade - mlslade@g.clemson.edu - Outdoor, event, portraits Gabrielle Breen - gbreen@g.clemson.edu - everything Maggie Aguirre - magdala@g.clemson.edu - sports, pets, senior Kendall Richards - karicha@g.clemson.edu - everything Lucas Morand - lmorand@g.clemson.edu - portraits, couples, sports Isabelle Porter - isabelp@g.clemson.edu - senior, sports Jenna Poropatich - jporopa@g.clemson.edu - everything Brennan Morgan- bmmorga@g.clemson.edu - Senior, portraits, wedding, sports Ashlyn Edwards - ashlyne@g.clemson.edu - Senior, couples, events