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Please don't profit from my images without contacting me. I am just a college student.

Contact me if you want to use my image on a website, poster, coffee mug, or anything else that you might make money from.  Pricing for purchasing prints can be found on the Purchase page.  If you ask nicely I might even send it to you for free.

Pictures taken at ACC sporting events including but not limited to basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball are not for sale due to ACC legal rules. 

All pictures posted here belong to me (except as stated in previous paragraph), and I own copyright and exclusive rights to the photos.  According to this link, that means I can reproduce, distribute, and display publicly my work.  If you want to display my work on a different website please contact me first, and we can work out if there will be a cost or not.  

This link explains the copyright relating to pictures with other people in it, which is complicated.  Basically as long as the pictures aren't taken somewhere private, or used for commercial/monetary purposes, they are legal and belong to me under copyright laws. 

If there is a picture on my website with you in it and you would like it removed, contact me and I will take it down quickly. 

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