My Life Story -   Jacob Andrew Thompson

Pictures including the photographer in the picture are few and far between.  I managed to find pictures of me throughout the year, and I hope you enjoy looking through them.  

Call me vain, but it's my website and I'm gonna do what I want with it - including having a page solely of pictures that I'm in :)


College - Junior Part 2

Due to the co-op schedule, I got to do Junior year twice!! Woohoo!! I attended classes in Fall 2018 and worked at JR Automation for Spring 2018.  I was president of Clemson's Photography Club and I spent a lot of time making it more organized and making all resources more centralized to make the job easier on future presidents.  I stayed busy between dating Zoe Iorio, playing ultimate frisbee (on the B-team), and taking pictures for the athletic department and various seniors, sororities, and other events. 

College - Junior Part 1


The summer and fall of Junior year I did two co-op rotations with Advanced Automation in Greenville, SC.  I kept my job with the athletic department at Clemson, and spent most weekends in the fall back in Clemson with friends.  I added 3D-printing and volleyball to my list of hobbies, and stopped playing Ultimate for the A-team.  I started working out regularly, cooking for myself, and doing other adult things that come along with living alone.  

December 2017 I took a trip to Iceland with my friend Lauren Smith.   It was my first international vacation I planned myself.  We did a glacier hike tour, a horseback tour, and an ice-cave tour.  We got to see the northern lights above the magical snow-covered landscape.  

College - Sophomore


I had a (very busy) great time Sophomore year of college.  I was a member of the Clemson Ultimate Frisbee A-team again, along with staying active in photography club and still studying Electrical Engineering.   I got my first B since middle school in the Spring semester, with Linear Algebra.  At the beginning of Spring semester I began a job with the Clemson Athletics department as a student photographer.  Through that job I took pictures at many Baseball and Basketball games, and several end-of-year banquets.  The summer after Sophomore year I started a co-op with Advanced Automation in Greenville, SC.  I dated Cassidy Barringer for the majority of Sophomore year.

College - Freshman


I started college at Clemson on August 19, 2015.  I lived in the Honors College dorm, which led to making several close friends.  Those friends have been a great influence on me, and I am still close to many of them even two years later.  I tried out for and made the Ultimate Frisbee A-team, and enjoyed playing with them.  In January 2016 I dislocated my shoulder and caused some nerve damage while playing Ultimate, and it took 6 months of physical therapy until I was back to fully normal.  Summer 2016 I did an internship with the Utilities Power Distribution team at Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN.  

High School


Wow, where do I even start to describe high school.  I know most people don't enjoy high school much, but honestly I had a great time.  I guess first and most important to me were all my friends and where I met them.  I attended Sullivan South High School all four years of high school.  I played trombone in marching band for 3 of those years, and that's where I met most of my friends.    I dated Jessica Schucht for the last two years of high school.  I played on the soccer team (Junior Varsity freshman year, Varsity sophomore year) the first two years, and did Cross Country my senior year.  I also joined tons of clubs, including Student Council, FBLA, Spanish club, NHS, and NTHS.  

During my high school years I attended several summer camps.  I finished up my time at Duke TiP summer studies.  I attended Tennessee's Governors school for science and engineering at UTK.  I think I did Doe River Gorge summer camp once.

My family traveled a lot during high school, because my brother was finally at an age where he could go exciting places (and I wouldn't be at home or on the same schedule once I started college).  We went to China (Shanghai and Beijing), out west (Grand Canyon area), Jamaica and the Bahamas, along with many beaches and lakes in the eastern US.  

Middle School


I don't have tons of pictures from middle school, and maybe that's a good thing.  I attended Colonial Heights Middle School in Kingsport, TN.  I played trombone in the band all three years.  I joined the Cross Country team in 7th grade and ran for them in 8th grade as well.  I was a part of the Student Council (or whatever it was called back then).  

What else happened in middle school... I definitely played hand bells at church.  I went to more summer camps, including Doe River Gorge, Duke TiP, a camp at Bays Mountain National Park, a camp at Grey Fossil Site, and probably a few others I can't think of right now.

I guess I should highlight Duke TiP summer camp, because I feel like it really shaped me as a person.  Duke TiP is a 3-week summer program hosted by Duke University where students 7th-10th grade go to live on-campus and take college-level classes.  Staying with other driven, intelligent students really motivated me to try harder in high school.  Additionally, being around other nerdy students gave me the confidence to be myself back at home, and not be afraid to pursue hobbies such as Arduino electronics or photography.