My Life Story -   Jacob Andrew Thompson

Pictures including the photographer in the picture are few and far between.  I managed to find pictures of me throughout the year, and I hope you enjoy looking through them.  

Call me vain, but it's my website and I'm gonna do what I want with it - including having a page solely of pictures that I'm in :)


College - Junior Part 2

Due to the co-op schedule, I got to do Junior year twice!! Woohoo!! I attended classes in Fall 2018 and worked at JR Automation for Spring 2018.  I was president of Clemson's Photography Club and I spent a lot of time making it more organized and making all resources more centralized to make the job easier on future presidents.  I stayed busy between dating Zoe Iorio, playing ultimate frisbee (on the B-team), and taking pictures for the athletic department and various seniors, sororities, and other events. 

College - Junior Part 1


The summer and fall of Junior year I did two co-op rotations with Advanced Automation in Greenville, SC.  I kept my job with the athletic department at Clemson, and spent most weekends in the fall back in Clemson with friends.  I added 3D-printing and volleyball to my list of hobbies, and stopped playing Ultimate for the A-team.  I started working out regularly, cooking for myself, and doing other adult things that come along with living alone.  

December 2017 I took a trip to Iceland with my friend Lauren Smith.   It was my first international vacation I planned myself.  We did a glacier hike tour, a horseback tour, and an ice-cave tour.  We got to see the northern lights above the magical snow-covered landscape.  

College - Sophomore


I had a (very busy) great time Sophomore year of college.  I was a member of the