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 WallPaw FAQ


Is it for sale?

This one is not. 

Will you  sell custom signs similar to this? 

I'm considering it.  If I do sell any, they won't have any acrylic inlays.  For a back-lit paw with just wood the material cost alone is around $70.  Then including all of my time to design and make it, I would probably charge around $300 for one.  If you're interested please contact me! 

How big is it?

It's 2' by 2'.  It probably weighs 1.5 pounds, not including the power supply.  

How bright is it?

Hella bright.  I programmed it to start around 40% brightness, otherwise it's blinding when your room is dark.  

Does it look as cool in person as it looks in the pictures?


Will this make my room lit?


Has it ever randomly turned on in the middle of the night? 

Not yet, but I won't be surprised if it does.  My code controlling the On/Off function of the paw is finicky, and I'm not quite sure how to fix it.  

Why do you call it WallPaw? 

I needed a short name for folders and files on my computer relating to it.  Also because saying "Laser cut back-lit LED remote control wooden tiger paw with edge-lit acrylic inlays" is a mouthful.  

Can I lick it?

Please don't... it shouldn't hurt you though, the lights are 5V and the Arduino is running on 12V.  

How do you have time to do stuff like this?

Idk man, I find time somehow.  I don't watch many TV shows or movies, so that frees up a lot of time.


What's your next project?

I'm going to make a clock that will count down the time to the next Clemson football game.  If my plans all work out, it will be able to do a lot more cool things though...  

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