Ways that Excel’s built in VBA Editor sucks compared to Visual Studio

  1. No right-click option for “Go to”. You can’t go to the definition of a variable, can’t go to the function, nothing. The best you can do is double click it, ctrl+f, then click next until you find what you want.

  2. Autocomplete isn’t automatic. Typing doesn’t normally autocomplete for you unless you press ctrl+space

  3. No dark mode. I’ve only been working in VBA for an hour today and I can feel my retinas burning (Okay it isn’t that bad but still, come on Microsoft, give us night mode on everything it’s 2018)

  4. Clicking a variable doesn’t highlight all instances of the variable. You get used to this very quickly in VS and it helps to easily identify where all that variable is used. VBA? Nope. Once again ctrl+f is our most powerful tool here

  5. When code hangs, you can’t always stop it without alt+f4 killing the process (aka losing all your data). Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but the last time I messed up and had an infinite while loop in the code because I forgot the i++ command I couldn’t stop the code without closing excel, which of course lost my last x minutes of work.

  6. The interface looks like it hasn’t been updated since windows XP days. Visual studio at least makes an attempt at looking modern

  7. No tab navigation. Really? I have to make everything be windowed?? Once again, it’s 2018, everyone is used to having tabs to switch between like on chrome.

  8. My friend Matthew eloquently stated “It sux”. Enough said. What more evidence could you possibly want?

  9. What even is VBA?? Why not use VB.NET or C# or any other normal language? Sigh

Ways that it doesn’t suck (but still isn’t better)

  1. Right clicking a function and selecting “Quick info” does give you the parameter inputs for that function, so when you’re passing in “true, false, false” to a function you can find out which is which.

  2. At least some words are set to be colored differently. Comments are green, some initializers are blue, some other stuff is blue, then everything else is black.

  3. English. Hey at least we don’t have to code in Spanish or anything

  4. You can still google your problems. The solution will only be for VB.NET half the time, but the other half you might find something that works!

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