Evolution of a college apartment kitchen

1. Start with a clean kitchen.

This often happens after parents visit, or when a nice roommate cleans the place so that it's presentable and most functional.

2. Roommate cooks a meal.

Normal occurance, everyone should cook because it's cheap and you get food at the end of it. (Disclaimer: I cooked this meal. Meatloaf, chicken pot pie, and crunchy chicken strips. It was tasty)

3. Roommate leaves dishes in the sink "to soak"

Note: Dishes don't need to soak unless you baked something in them. 95% of dishes will be clean within 30 seconds of washing with a detergent sponge stick scrubber thing, which we have one of.

3.5. Some dishes loaded into dishwasher until it is full. Run dishwasher.

Dishwashers are great, they clean dishes for you. Too bad they can't put the dishes away for you.

4. Dishes remain in sink "to soak" for a while.

This has the added effect of making the sink borderline unusable for a while. No other roommate wants to clean the dishes because it isn't their fault the dishes are there, and roomate 1 that cooked things should get off his ass and clean the dishes. Problems arise when roommate 1 never does that.

5. Dishes remain in sink, dishwasher not unloaded. Dishes moved sometimes in order to use a third of the sink a little bit.

6. Roommates accept the reality of pulling clean dishes/silverware from the dishwasher because that's where the only clean ones are.

Once again, other roommates don't feel like emptying the dishwasher is their responsibility because they didn't contribute most of them - most of the dishes are from roommate 1 when they cooked.

7. Dishes still in the sink

8. Yep dishes still in the sink. Maybe one on the stove for when someone made pasta.

9. You know it

10. Nice roommate might get fed up with the mess and clean everything.

11. Kitchen stays nice for a day or two

12. Roommate cooks a meal

aaannddddd repeat.

Jacob Thompson


Clemson, SC

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