Shoulder recovery v2

A blog post I'll update periodically to follow my recovery after dislocating my shoulder for a second time.

12/12 - I did dumbbell curls with 20 pounds each yesterday!! No pain doing that. I have surgery scheduled for January 9. Apparently I have a 2cm tear in my labrum. (The labrum is what keeps your shoulder in place)

11/30 - I'm using my right arm for almost all everyday tasks. I can lift things, make food, open doors, pretty much everything that doesn't require reaching out far to the side. I still sleep on my back or left side, that probably won't change for a longggg time. At "physical therapy" two days ago they didn't have me to any exercises there, and instead just gave me a sheet with four exercises to do with stretchy bands on my own. I've been doing those, and hopefully the physical therapy appointment on December 6 will be more productive.

11/22 - Shoulder hasn't really hurt all day, no nerve problems yet. I haven't been pushing it because I don't want the nerves to act up, but it doesn't hurt using it for normal tasks. It seems dangerous for it to not hurt because I'll forget that it isn't anywhere near full strength and I might hurt it. I'm enjoying the use of two arms while I still have both of them though.

11/20 - Using the arm for almost all everyday tasks, no/minimal pain. Went to the doctor in TN for it and he moved my arm to positions that made me really nervous that it would pop out, but it stayed in place. Sounds like that doctor is supportive of my Iceland trip and delaying the surgery until after Christmas shouldn't be an issue.

11/18 - Shoulder hurt for most of the day, until it popped at one point when I was just walking and then stopped working. I think a nerve/tendon/something got pushed into the wrong place and was painful until it popped back out of place.

11/17 - I went without the sling for most of today. Shoulder doesn't really hurt for normal things. I still don't walk quite right, but it doesn't feel wrong. Shoulder started hurting after I was laying down reading a book, when I got up it hurt. It felt like a joint that needed cracking/popping but wouldn't.

11/16 - Using my arm out of the sling for most tasks, the sling is mostly to remind me to be careful with that arm. I found that sleeping without the sling doesn't hurt much.

11/15 - Arm in sling half the time. I went to the gym and did my crunches and also a few leg machines. I did 25 box jumps on the medium height box but my shoulder hurt a little by the end of it. Working on getting an MRI and appointments in Kingsport instead of Greenville because it's cheaper and we want the surgery in Kingsport anyways.

I finished season 1 of Game of Thrones. That show is brutal.

I made a nice graphic depiction of the moment that my shoulder dislocated

11/14 - Arm still hurts etc. I went hiking at Croft State park alone and didn't fall or anything, so that was fun.

11/13 - Arm still in sling, sleeping still hurts. I walked around the park with it out of the sling and it didn't hurt but felt a little dangerous. I can type on computer keyboards for a little bit before it starts to hurt, and I can carry lightweight things close to my body with it. I threw some discs around at a park with my left hand (and right arm in a sling). Did 200 almost full body crunches.

11/12 - Arm still in sling, sleeping still hurts but maybe a little less. Walked around the Greenville zoo with mom, arm started hurting after 1-1.5 hours of walking around. Not a bad hurt, just a constant soreness. I figured out some ab exercises I can do without moving my shoulder at all - basically any ab exercise where you lay on your back and just move your legs. I just interlace my fingers on my chest and use my elbows if I need help balancing. I can do leg lifts (lift legs 6 inches from the floor and hold), bicycle kicks (without the normal crunch motion though, so they aren't quite as helpful), and other leg extension type things. I could also do body weight squats with my arms in, but that feels weird.

11/11 - Arm still in sling, sleeping still hurts. The pain feels like someone punched me in the shoulder several times - it's just really sore. I took it out of the sling a little bit to test moving it, it still felt dangerous and slow to respond. Mom came to visit and helped cook some food for me to eat, along with helping me do laundry and giving me some company.

11/10 - Arm is in sling, mild discomfort constantly. Sleeping hurts a lot. Had to take it out of the sling at the orthopedic and it felt very unsafe, like it was going to slip out at any moment. Got some prescription pills that take away the pain but only for 3-4 hours.

11/9/2017 - Dislocate shoulder. I was serving during volleyball and I think I threw the ball too far behind me, and when I hit it my shoulder dislocated completely. I had to go to the hospital emergency room to get it put back in. It took them two tries, with an x-ray in between to confirm that it didn't go back in place the first try.

Warning: X-rays and potentially discomforting pictures below

^X-rays of my shoulder

^Here I am all hooked up to machines to monitor my vitals before they put me under. I tried to make some thumbs up in the picture but couldn't move either hand much.

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