Camera Disassembly

My grandma (Mimi) got a new camera because her old one broke, so she gave me the old one to try to fix. I took it apart but wasn't able to fix it, so once I decided it was un-fixable I tore it apart as much as I could. I didn't keep most of the pictures, but here are a few pictures of the guts of a point-and-shoot camera from 10ish years ago.

After taking off the rear cover. You can see the circles on the right where the normal navigation/control buttons are

Side view after just taking off the rear cover

The main problem - zoom is stuck, so the camera won't turn on or anything until it is fixed.

The lens assembly - this is the part that I would have to rip apart in order to fix the bent mechanism. I knew I couldn't reassemble it if I took it apart.

R.I.P Camera

Jacob Thompson

Clemson, SC

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