Fall 2017 Timeline

I'm still working at Advanced Automation for my Co-op rotation, so I'm still not on a normal school schedule. I've done lots of things outside of working/eating/sleeping, here they are!

12/22 - Get home from Iceland


10/20 - Mercedes-Benz lunch, party with Mckenzie

10/19 - Hang with Sarah Parham and Michael Redmond

10/18 - Ultimate game at Cleveland park

10/17 - Volleyball with church group

10/16 - Volleyball at Cleveland park with Meetup 20's 30's pickup sports

10/15 - Fall break trip at Jekyll Island with family

10/14 - Fall break trip at Jekyll Island with family

10/12 - Ice cream with Shehzad, Alex Stewart, and Abhinav

10/11 - Photography speaker presentation at Clemson

10/10 - Slackline at Legacy park, volleyball with church group

10/8 - Shot Women's soccer game

10/7 - Attended Football game against Wake Forest, shot the second half. Hung out with Rachel Rosstedt and Mckenzie

10/6 - BBQ with Lois

10/5 - Hike at Table Rock a little bit

10/4 - Slackline at that park

10/3 - Volleyball with church group

10/1 - Played a game and a half in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Shoot volleyball game at Clemson. Hung out with Mckenzie

9/30 - Lake property with family (SUP handstands), met with Lauren Smith in Asheville NC about Iceland, watch Football game with Basil and squad

9/29 - Theta semi formal with Linda and Rachel Rossedt

9/28 - Theta mixer with Linda and Rachel

9/27 - Lake property with Mckenzie, flour+flash photo shoot

9/26 - Volleyball with church group

9/22 - Downtown ice cream with Lois

9/21 - Laser cut Tiger Paw and acrylic things at the Makerspace in Clemson. Senior pictures for Thomas Loar

9/20 - Picnic lunch with Maegan Thompson, played volleyball at the park

9/19 - Volleyball with church group

9/16 - PowWow Ultimate Frisbee tournament (got second place).

9/15 - Shot Men's soccer game

9/12 - Volleyball with church group

9/9 - Attended Football game vs Auburn

9/8 - Gave a photography lesson to Stephen with Ice Cream

9/5 - Volleyball with church group

9/4 - Went to the park with Lois

9/2 - Shot the football game vs Kent State

8/31 - Dinner at BGR with Sophia, photography club meeting

8/27 - Lunch with Clemson roommates

8/26 - Shot volleyball game at Clemson, party at Josh Papas's house

8/25 - Athletics photography job meeting, Spittoono concert with Alexa/Sarah.

Jacob Thompson


Clemson, SC

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