Summer timeline

I know I've done a lot of random things this summer, and I wanted to see if writing them down would help me remember them in the future.

This is really a post more for me than anyone else, but I don't mind if other people know what I'm doing in my free time this summer. So it probably isn't interesting to anyone else reading it, but I like it.

Onward: Idk man, I plan a few days in advance at most.

August 26 - Last Luau party

August 25 - talked with Rachel Rosstedt and roommates at their apartment, Spittoono concert with Alexa Sebestyen and Sarah Parham, bonfire with Eric/Evan/Jackson/Palmer/Matthew etc

August 24 - Lake with Lauren Smith, Marble Slab with Katie Roberts and Emily Miller

August 23 - Lunch with Mimi and Papa, Disc Golf with Matthew Pecorini, fair with Brooke Hatcher and Jake Selby

August 22 - Visited band friends at Sullivan South, walked around Warriors with Morgan Wilmoth

August 21 - Eclipse at Clemson with family. Also saw Thomas Shirley, Rachel Rosstedt, Sophia Lamb, Joe Gunst, Katie (RA), Jared/Sam, Brick, Henry Randall, Tessa, and others. Also party at Sarah Parham's place.

August 20 - Lake property with family and Julia Treis

August 17 - Volleyball with 20's 30's pickup sports

August 15 - Volleyball at Taylors park

August 13 - Beach again with Courtney LaNasa

August 12 - DISNEY!!!! This was my favorite day all summer

August 9 - Volleyball at Frontline Drive

August 5-6 - Lauren Smith visited, lake property with her and parents and Will DeAugustino

August 3 - Lunch with Maegan Thompson

August 1 - Dinner with Palmer Smith

July 28-30 - Beach vacation with Alexa Sebestyen and Sarah Parham

July 23 - Volleyball in the morning, Ultimate in the evening

July 22 - Lake property (mower broke), then Senior pictures with Maegan Thompson

July 20 - First volleyball game

July 16 - Paris Mountain with Basil. Also showed off various things I've done this summer.

July 14 - Lake property

July 11 - Dinner with Henry

July 10 - Volleyball at park with random people

July 9- Saw Spiderman Homecoming with Cole Younginer

July 8 - Lake property with parents

July 7 - Lake property. Used a riding lawn mower for the first time ever. Met and talked to Glenn Reece, South Carolina Senator and cool dude.

July 6 - Broke up with Cassidy

July 3-5 - Visited Kingsport, Downtown fireworks, talked with Alex Beyersdorf, Matt/Tony Pecorini, Lillie Campbell, band friends, lunch with Brooke Hatcher, tennis with Mimi and friends.

July 1 - Lake property with Thomas Shirley and Basil.

June 29 - Lake property with Cole Younginer

June 23-25 - Cassidy lake house

June 18 - Lake property, 4 hour paddle-board trip.

June 14 - Saw Wonder Woman with Cassidy

June 12 - Paris mountain fire-tower (or not) hike

June 9-11 - Palmer lake house with friends

June 7 - Lake property with Rachel Hawkesworth

June 2-4 - Visited Kingsport. Lunch with Grayson and Shelby. Probably kayaked.

May 28-29 - Cassidy lake house

May 27 - Cassidy pancake breakfast in Clemson. I walked on one of the dikes.

May 26 - Star pictures at Lake property. Moved some rocks, grilled some chicken nuggets, close encounter with Black Widow spider.

May 25 - Greenville Photography meetup at Greenville Library. Was kinda interesting, but almost everyone there looked retired (see: old), so I don't think I'll be making any close friends there.

May 20 - Explored Columbia SC, Met up with parents at lake property

May 19 - Racquetball tournament (lost in my first and only game, but I lost to the guy that ended up winning the tournament.)

May 15 - Co-op started.

May 13 - Moved into apartment

May 11 - Lunch with Lauren Smith, Dinner with Mimi for her birthday

May 5-8 - Cassidy lake house with Thomas Shirley also there for some of it

May 5 - Moved some things to Greenville with Rachel Rosstedt

May 4 - Done with finals. Didn't get straight A's, but that's alright. Summer officially began for me.

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Clemson, SC

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