4.6 Mile Stand Up Paddle Board Trip

I had a spare Sunday, and I decided to go to my parents' lake property. I knew I wanted to go on a pretty long stand-up paddle board trip, so I came prepared with snacks, water, some beer, and a waterproof speaker. I put all my supplies in a bag and used a carabiner to attach it to the board. I set out around noon, and didn't get back until about 4:00

I used this map tool to map out the path I took once I got back, and it turns out that I paddled 4.6 miles!

It was really windy on the lake that day, so I took a lot of breaks. If the water was calm (or even relatively calm) I could probably paddle twice the distance in that time.

One more thing: I didn't fall in the water once the entire trip! I got in the water, but only by choice.

Jacob Thompson


Clemson, SC

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