My Brother:  Alex Thompson

This kid is so freaking cute, he deserves his own page.  

Alex, if you're reading this - you're such an awesome and cool kid, I hope you make it far in life::) I'll always be here for you to help with anything and everything I can help you with.  

If you're only here for cute baby pics, go ahead and skip to the bottom of the page

Middle school Alex

This is when it gets harder to find pictures of him.  Just trust me - he's still super cute, and he's using a 3D printer and soldering iron and doing nerdy things like I did as a middle-schooler:)  I'm so proud of him!! I'm not even there to teach him!! 

Alex grew up in Kingsport, TN and attended Miller Perry Elementary school.  Then he went the super-smart-kid route and went to Innovation Academy middle school (which is a wing of Holston Middle School).  High school tbd. 

Alex Cross Country

Just like me, Alex ran cross country 7th and 8th grade


Alex at a Clemson football game (vs Syracuse 2018) after we barely won!

This kid has gotten way too tall - I hope he doesn't get taller than me!

We can still convince him to go on hikes with us!

Alex working on his radio or something!

Tiny Baby Alex - The Cutest Ever

Viewers - if there's only one gallery you look all the way through on my website, it should be this one.  I promise you won't regret it.

Sorry Alex, but you got less cute as you grew up.  Some of these pictures are the absolute cutest pictures of you that will probably ever be taken.  You did a duck face before it was popular, and blinded the camera with your dazzling electric blue eyes.  I envy your children far from now - they'll be unbearably cute.